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Are you looking for the perfect venue for a corporate event or a cosy family occasion? Choose Mimama.

We offer you full event management including decoration. 

Mimama’s Kitchen has a conference room that is able to host a maximum of 80 persons, a restaurant for 60 persons and a terrace for 40 persons.

  • Family occasions such as birthdays, weddings, christening feasts, memorial gatherings, etc.
  • Corporate events such as meetings, workshops, conferences, trainings, etc.

The conference room is air-conditioned. Our events services include free access to the Internet, provision of laptops, flipcharts, pens, as well as the sound technique, a pulpit and microphones.

All guests arriving to the events held in our premises are rendered free parking (subject to preliminary arrangements).

Our conference room’s seating capacities vary dependant on the layout:

Theatre style: max 80 persons

U-shaped: max 27 persons (sitting only outside), max 45 persons (sitting also inside of the shape)

I-shaped: max 26 persons

Banquet style: max 40 persons

Fishbone style: max 70 persons

Classroom style: max 45 persons

The floor is covered by carpet.


for a maximum of 60 persons
The floor is covered with granite.

Our catering department offers you various multi-course meals and refreshments to choose from!

For a customized event offer, please, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues:


Gábor Lénárd, Restaurant Manager:

                                                  + 36 30 225 83 46

Attila Miklós, Hotel Sales Manager:

                                                  + 36 30 225 87 85